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Run calculations in minutes, not hours, within a secure, auditable framework.

Milliman Mind is a flexible and easy-to-use web-based platform which automatically converts Excel spreadsheets into more powerful models with the capabilities and controls of more expensive “black-box” systems, all within a secure, auditable framework.

Team work


Full audit trail and team-work capabilities built-in the tool.


Dimensions and loops

Add dimensions to Microsoft Excel and put and end to macros.


Designed in Excel

Modeling can remain in Excel: easy to learn, implement and use.


Secured links

Secured links between models to improve figures’ reliability.

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Benefits of the solution

  • Improves efficiency

    Improves efficiency through automation and fast calculations.

    Simplify model design in Excel. Easily add multiple model points, dimensions or stochastic frameworks to your Excel models and run different scenarios without the need of VBA code.

    Improve runtimes. Run your Excel models up to 100 times faster with Milliman Mind’s C# compiler as compared to Excel/VBA, saving time for modeling and analysis.

  • Reduce costs

    Less expensive than a black box solution or developing in-house.

    No need for complex IT infrastructure. As Milliman Mind is a SaaS Cloud-based solution, it doesn’t required complex and costly IT infrastructure: all you need is an internet connection and you will be able to access and run your Milliman Mind Projects on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Easy to implement and maintain. As model design is Excel-based, there is no need to learn new programming languages and complex interfaces. Models documentation and maintenance are also simplified.

  • Accuracy of results

    Provides reliable information for confident decision making and reporting.

    Secured links. Ensures reliability of your calculations: once uploaded into Milliman Mind, links between different Excel spreadsheets are recognised and cannot be broken.

    Audit trail. Ensure reliability of your results: with the Milliman Mind audit trail, you keep track of every change made to your models. The solution records who made the changes and when, and you can go backward and forward through each change.

  • Governance

    Satisfies regulatory and audit requirements for proper internal controls.

    Validate and sign projects. For proper internal validation and control, you can validate and sign your projects directly within Milliman Mind. Projects will then be on ready-only access to prevent changes of assumptions or model structure.

    Enable lock simulations. For the purpose of regulatory supervision, you can choose to lock the seed of the random generator in order to get the same stochastic results for each run.

    IFRS 17 ready. Milliman Mind provides all copulas recommended in the International Actuarial Association Exposure Draft for IFRS 17.

Key features

  • Automated conversion

    Automated conversion from Excel to C#.

    Benefit from the calculation power of C# in a single click and without to learn the language: design your models in Excel, then upload them to Milliman Mind with a simple drag-and-drop to automatically convert your spreadsheets into C# object-oriented modules.

  • Data Visualization

    User-friendly interface to access and display your data.

    Use the main menu on Milliman Mind to navigate through the workbooks, sheets and grids of your projects and display your data the way you want.

    Use the drop-down list available on each grid to navigate through the different model points and simulation results or to display some risk measures results. Click on the chart button to display different types of charts: bar charts, line charts, stochastic-specific charts...

  • Project Management window

    Visual overview and securing of projects.

    Benefit from the projects view of your projects, do not miss any deadlines and secure the sign-off of your projects. Allocate the appropriate user rights to each of your team members in a click. Use the roll forward and back of projects to quickly set up a new version or a new occurrence of an existing project.

  • Audit trail

    Ensures reliability of your results: with the Milliman Mind audit trail, you keep track of every change made to your models. The solution records who made the changes and when, and you can go backward and forward through each change.


Enhance Excel thanks to Milliman Mind

Milliman MM for Excel is a library of functions for Excel, simplifying the setup of probability models and extending the Excel range of distributions and copulas, while adding dozens of functions to design your models for Milliman Mind.

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