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Leverage your existing Excel models and go further,
all within a secured easy-to-use and audited framework.

Milliman Mind is a flexible and easy-to-use web-based platform which automatically converts Excel spreadsheets to more powerful models with all the capabilities and controls of more expensive “black-box” systems.

“As actuaries / insurance analysts, we need to design powerful models in shorter and shorter time, ensuring full auditability and transparency of our work.”

“As chief officers, we want to control cost of our modeling software and provide reliable information for confident decision making and reporting.”

Benefits of the solution

Key features

Milliman DC4Excel

Milliman DC for Microsoft Excel

Milliman DC for Excel is a library of functions for Excel, simplifying the setup of probability models and extending the Excel range of distributions and copulas.

Milliman DC for Excel is powered by Milliman Mind and available to download for free.